Red pill effect with blue pill style

It’s something of a Matrix-esque “There is no spoon” fact to find out that there is no blue pigment in a person’s blue eyes. Instead, it’s a question of wavelengths, Tyndall scattering and protective self-deception. Our azure circuit-board cufflinks require no such deal with the devil, however. Each pair is handcrafted from real, recycled circuitry by a real person using real space-age technology. The UpCycled duo is then coated with a protective bead of durable jeweler’s resin, magnifying each original design in a protective bubble.

Down and Nerdy Details:

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  • 1 Pair of Purple Circuit Board Cufflinks in a Velour Box
  • Sterling Silver Plated Brass Setting
  • Bullet-back-and-toggle closure
  • Glossy Non-toxic Resin Finish

Don't be blue, just order a pair of blue circuit board cufflinks to match your tie

Due to the upcycled nature of our products, each pair of purple circuit board cufflinks are unique and truly one-of-a-kind. The pictures shown are some examples of what our cufflinks look like, yours may be different. The paired nature of cufflinks allows us to capture some subtle and distinct features from the motherboard. Whether highlighting micro-processors or circuits that resemble a city map, each pair of cufflinks is TechWears Approved which means it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or return shipping is on us! Do you want your circuit board cufflinks to look a certain way? Great! Let’s talk about a custom order.

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