Roses are Red, so don't be blue, here's a pair of circuit earrings just for you

Frame your face with the hue that your mother said would really play up your complexion. It’s like red lipstick, except, you know, on your ears. Whatever your season, though, red catches the eye first, so pair with a bold, luscious attitude. Mom would be proud.Each earring set is handcrafted from real, recycled circuitry by a real person using real space-age technology. (Really.) The upcycled piece is then coated with a protective bead of durable jeweler’s resin, magnifying each original design in a glass like bubble.

Down and Nerdy Details:
Choose your shape- Round or Rectangle

  • One pair of matched circuit board earrings
  • Sterling silver-plated brass setting
  • Drop earrings with French wire closure
  • Round: .75 inches in diameter (3.5 grams each in weight)
  • Rectangle: .75 in x .5 in (3.1 grams each in weight)
  • HANDMADE TO ORDER [Allow 7 days for shipment]

Order a pair of red circuit board earrings and enjoy all the attention it brings.

Due to the upcycled nature of this product, each pair of circuit board earrings are truly unique and one of a kind. The pictures shown are just examples of what our circuit board earrings look like and yours may be different. However, as with all TechWears products we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or return shipping is on us! Or, place a custom order and let us know exactly what you have in mind!

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