Our Entry Level Circuit Board Tie is Anything but Basic!

Are you ready to level up? Are you ready to take control of your destiny? Are you ready to totally geek out?

Here is is folks, the TechWears 2.0 Circuit Board Tie. Made from recycled circuit boards saved from the landfill and dappered right on up so you can confidently rock this tie for a job interview, work presentation, networking event, or just to be cool. It's lightweight, flexible, and 100% guaranteed to be the most fun tie you've ever worn.

The circuit boards are precision cut and sanded, then attached to a 3D printed backing with channels that allow the sections to be joined with an elastic string. The elastic string also serves as the means to attach it under your collar and stay positioned to cover your collar button. The magic of the circuit board tie is allowing the freedom of movement that you are accustomed to from a silk tie while highlighting your love of tech and unique accessories.

The Details:

  • MADE TO ORDER - Allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • 3 Length Adjustments (Top to Bottom: 16.75", 18.75" or 20.75")
  • Limited Quantity (Signed and Numbered)
  • 3.4 Ounces
  • Less than 3/8" thick

It's difficult to use words to describe a tie this unique. Be sure to watch the video for a demonstration and let us know if you have any questions!


Current Stock:
Availability Handmade to Order
Width: 3.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 2.00

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