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Where did you get the idea to make a Circuit Board Tie?

 As a zero waste enthusiast, Junkman Drew has always been fascinated by electronic waste and the stories circuit boards tell us. He was looking online for a circuit board tie and when he couldn’t find one, he decided to make one himself!

The tie quickly became a signature item for Drew. He was encouraged by a friend to submit it to an art show and show it off. He reluctantly agreed and although the tie was not for sale, an admirer left a generous written offer for the tie and Drew decided to sell it! He quickly had to make another tie so he could continue lighting up the dress code when he went out to public events.

Drew then began to make circuit board earrings as gifts for friends. They were such a hit that his friends began to request he make his earrings available for purchase. Again, Drew’s friends knew better than he did, and the earrings became a hit also. Eventually, Drew decided to quit his job and give entrepreneurship a try. Heck, he always loved to work hard so why not?

When did TechWears change from being a hobby to a tech startup?

Throughout the summer of 2014, Drew sold his creations at art shows around Southern Colorado. This is when Drew realized that he had something people wanted and in order to increase his impact he would have to utilize computers that still functioned. This has been a big undertaking for him as Drew would much rather make jewelry from computers than type on them. But Drew has successfully made the shift from “recyclopath” to “tech startup” by learning about and utilizing all of the powerful technology we have at our fingertips (which Drew looks forward to upcycling all the tech in the future).

Social enterprise background and a purpose driven business model.

Drew is a passionate believer that businesses have a responsibility to deliver more value than just profit. While working at Blue Star Recyclers, Drew began to understand that Triple Bottom Line companies who positively impact society and the environment while also turning a profit are of great service in the sustainability movement. Although Drew is still learning exactly how to fulfill the mission of TechWears, “advancing conscious consumption through beautiful wearable tech,” he feels well on his way in establishing TechWears as a global leader in ecofashion and sustainable business. It helps having a product made from recycled parts that people truly love.

Ok, TechWears is pretty cool. But where did this Drew guy come from?


 A Colorado Springs native, Drew has established many roots and connections in Colorado. After leaving Palmer High School at 15 years old, he returned to college at the age of 25. His return to education marked a significant shift and he became highly engaged in his education and his community. He graduated from UCCS in 2013 with a BS in Business.


A few honors and distinctions Drew received in college:

  • Student Government President at Pikes Peak Community College
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Class at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Reach Your Peak Scholar, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Student Leader of the Year Award 2010, Pikes Peak Community College
  • Phi Theta Kappa, Colorado Member of the Year Award
  • Co-founder, UCCS Green Action Fund


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